Founded in 2005, Pan-American Enterprise Solutions is a boutique consultancy providing business and technology consulting services to a broad array of clients, disciplines and verticals.  We pride ourselves in the delivery of governance, compliance and organizational services that directly impact and contribute to high performance organizations. 

Jesse Hillman
Managing Partner

Jesse Hillman is a  Managing Partner at Pan-American Enterprise Solutions. Jesse has over 3 decades of experience in information systems management in corporate roles as well as professional business consulting.  His focus is in the areas of governance, compliance, data privacy, program and project management and organizational change management.  He has delievered services to healthcare, pharma / biotech, public utilities, oil & gas and specialty chemicals firms.   His areas of expertise include governance, risk and compliance (CoBiT, ITIL);  information privacy (HIPAA, OPPA); utilities compliance and business continuity/disaster recovery (NERC/FERC/CIP).

He was previously  Chief Information Officer at Imperial Irrigation District, the 6th largest public utility in California.  While there he implemented key security and compliance initiatives to meet the required certifications by Federal Energy and Oversight of Energy (FERC); North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC); Department of Defense Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) while also guiding their internal security programs to address the requirements for Department of Homeland Security Cyber-Security US-CERT programs.

While at The Walt Disney Company, Jesse oversaw the Global  Portfolio and Compliance Management organization and was responsible for overseeing the implementation of corporate wide standards for program and project management, data privacy programs and compliance and audit functions.


Jesse was a Principal with Hacket Group. and led the Governance & Program/Project Management practice.  His clients included Fortune 50 & 100 clients in the Health Care and Public Utility verticals. As a contract Executive Director at Kaiser Permanente, Jesse spent three years working for the KPIT CTO to provide oversight of a portfolio of major infrastructure remediation programs in support of the Kaiser HealthConnect Program.

Prior to his corporate roles, Jesse served as an active and reserve officer in the United States Navy.


Mr. Hillman earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from California Lutheran University, a Master of Business Administration from University of the Incarnate Word and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration at Grenoble École de Management, where his research is focused on  corporate strategy and organizational change management.

Chau Hillman
Associate Partner

Chau Hillman is an Associate Partner with Pan-American Enterprise Solutions.  Chau has over 15 years of experience across multiple domains.  Chau has held product and program leadership roles in aerospace, medical device software development, mobile chipset design, information technology and oil and gas services.

Chau's expertise lies in the development and deployment of complex business process, auditing of ISO 9000 environments for compliance and internal audit procedures and frameworks.


Chau was a Transition Management Specialist at Baker Hughes were she was responsible for interfacing with new product development teams and operational support organizations for the Remote Operations Services division.  Prior to that she supported Baker Hughes Global IT Infrastructure Operations Services.


Chau worked at Broadcom leading Carrier Acceptance Product Management where she was responsible for walking completed chipsets through the wireless carrier testing and acceptance processes.


Before joining Broadcom, she supported multiple wireless vendors, chipset manufacturers and providers while working with Elektrobit and providing testing, quality assurance and field operations management services.


Chau earned a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science - Information Systems from Coleman University, a Master of Business Administration from Walden University and a Master of Engineering Management at the University of Houston.